Plastic Printers FAQ Cheat Sheet Volume II

Investing Wisely

This installment of the Plastic Printers FAQ series will work a little differently than the last one. Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at one question on the FAQ list.

That question is: what is the ROI when switching from paper cards to plastic cards and is investing in plastic promotional products really worth it?

ROI is the bottom line of a business' marketing budget. The biggest gamble companies take is investing in advertising efforts that don't pan out. Where do plastic cards fit into all of this? It's all about making the switch.

Putting the Buck behind the Buzz

I came across a rather startling statistic on a content marketing blog recently. It stated that the average investment professional in social media marketing accounted for 35 to 37 percent of a company’s annual marketing budget.

While the transition to social media is understandable; that's a sizable investment to make in what many advertisers would label "passive branding."

Meaning; the customer base you develop on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms don't typically physically interact with your brand at all. In order to get the full benefit of your investment, you have to infuse your social media campaign with promotional products.

This includes offering branded prizes to customers that precipitate actively online, tailoring activities to specific buyer personas, and sending exclusive, customized e-mails and texts to individual customers.

Starting to see how this adds up? The good news is the cost-per-impression of investing in plastic promotional products is considerably cheaper than what you shell out for social media campaigns.

At half a cent per impression, investing in the right type of plastic promotional products is a no-brainer.

It levels the playing field and allows small businesses to have access to the same markets that are usually reserved for large corporate brands at a fraction of the cost. How do you know which plastic promotional product is the right one for your business? Look for a few telltale signs.

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Collaborate with a Creative Agency

Promotional products serve all kinds of purposes. From the wearable to the practical. You have to strike a balance between how often an item is seen and the likelihood of it being retained or passed on. The more favorable the outcome, the more buzz gets created for your business and the bigger the return.

Switching from paper business cards to plastic business cards may not seem to fit into the promotional scheme, but it all depends on your choice of creative agency.

The designers at Plastic Printers know how well prospective customers respond to plastic cards. If they are creative, unique, fun, and interactive; up to 83% of the people you hand your card to will remember it. Of that 83%, 60 will retain the card for personal use.

Perhaps most surprisingly, up to 21% of recipients will pass your card onto someone else. Sounds like a pretty solid chance of a healthy ROI, doesn't it?

Whether the money goes into your existing customer base or lead generation that grows your business; investing in plastic promotional products pays for itself.

If you're ready to be your own walking billboard and invest in branding that is interactive and easily integrated with existing social media and mobile marketing campaigns; the next step is to talk to our design team and make your switch to plastic official.

Don't know how to design your new business card? That's OK. Let our designers be your creative agency.

They have the tools and the know-how to design a one-of-a-kind plastic promotional item. Best of all, you get the final say in the look and style of your business card.

Our company offers free digital proofs of every business card we produce. Once you see your name in plastic, you'll never go back to paper cards again. Contact us at to get started and watch your investment payoff before your eyes.

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