Tips for Designing Amazing Clear Business Cards

Have you ever seen a trailer for a movie that dazzled you so much that you knew you HAD to see it? Sometimes just getting a little taste of what the film is about is enough to excite you and capture your attention. Another example is free samples at the grocery store; where one bite sells you on a new product. Think of a business card the same way: it's a preview of the experience and quality you can expect from a business. That's why it's so important to make a high-impact impression with your business cards; it could be the reason why a potential client picks your business.

To make a high-impact impression, you need to stand out! In a world full of businesses, it's easy to get lost or forgotten. One way of differentiating yourself from the competition is by using clear cards. You can design your clear plastic business cards to make your branding pop, highlight your industry, or draw attention to vital information on your card. Regardless of how you implement these clear elements, these business cards are beautiful marketing tools that leave a lasting impression on anyone that sees them. 

Transparent business cards for technology and security company

However, designing an eye-catching clear card is no easy task. There are some things you should know before you start designing your cards. Here are some useful tips and tricks, from the clear business cards experts at Plastic Printers, that will ensure you create transparent business cards that are sure to impress.

Transparent & Clear Business Cards

The Basics

I know the prospect of designing your see through business cards is incredibly exciting. You want to create a fantastic clear card that pops with that WOW factor. But before you get started, there's some critical information you should know about clear cards.

The most significant difference between standard business cards and clear plastic business cards is that a clear card is transparent. I know that seems like an obvious thing to say, but it's important to remember when putting information on your cards. Imagine your drawing on a window; when you finish the picture, people can still see it from the other side of the window. It's the same concept for clear business cards. The ink is going to show through as a reflection on the other side of the card, not an exact copy. The transparent nature of these business cards can make putting information on both sides tricky. No need to worry, we have the experience and expertise to create a double sided clear business card that makes a memorable impression, compliments your brand, and boosts your marketing efforts.

Transparent business cards in the shape of a house for a realtor

If you are set on having information on both sides, you can use a frosted card or add blocker to change the level of opaque or transparency on the card. We suggest using similar colors on both sides of the card. If you have a dark blue on both sides, they will work with each other to make a rich dark blue. However, if you have a dark blue on one side, and white on the other, that dark blue will show through to the white side, giving the white a blue tint. So keep in mind that you want the colors on both sides of your card to be similar and work together.

Designing Clear Plastic Business Cards

The trick to designing see through business cards is to design one side at a time. As previously mentioned, the transparent elements of the cards can have unintended consequences if you aren't careful. Keeping that in mind, there are so many different ways that you can design an eye-catching and impactful card.

One way of doing it, which can be seen in the card below, is to design one side and reflect the artwork onto the second side. This design option makes it so that no matter what side your customer is looking at, they see a striking design and have access to your contact information. Another option is to put all of your information and graphics on one side of the card. This design technique can really WOW your customers, and it helps eliminate confusion since everything they need is right there. Both techniques can produce incredible transparent business cards, it's just a matter of how you want your card to look. These are only a couple of ways you can design your clear business card, for more design inspiration check out our 50 Clear Business Cards You Have to See blog.

Artist see through business cards

After you figure out how you want your card laid out, it's time to think about your text. With clear cards, you need to be careful with the text size that you use. If the text is too small, it will be hard to read. Plus, if the text is in clear or transparent areas, it tends to get lost. If you must have text in a clear area, try bolding the text. Overall, we suggest keeping the text size above a 7-8 point font for clean, simple, easy to read text. 

Transparent Business Cards for You

With these design tips in mind, you are now ready to get started on your clear plastic business cards. How exciting! Our team of professional designers are experts on creating clear business cards that bring your vision to life. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Get started on your clear plastic business cards today!

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