Top 10 Membership Rewards Cards for Your Business

Membership Rewards programs have been very popular and successful. Nearly every grocery store and gas station has started to offer their frequent visitors perks for their visits. For instance, Shell's Fuel Rewards® program gives you the opportunity to earn savings on in store purchases as well as gasoline simply by sliding your membership rewards card or having your key tags scanned.

We see what the benefit of membership programs are to consumers, but what benefits does your business get? As David Frey pointed out in his article, "Membership Marketing: Turning Occasional Buyers into Loyal Customers" there are many benefits to your business when adding membership rewards such as:

  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Additional revenue from current customers
  • Raise referral business

Our Top 10 Membership Rewards Cards

Depending on your business industry you may prefer key tags, a plastic card or a combination of both. Our consultants can work with you to find the best card type for your business or even create a custom die cut specifically for you.

1. Combo Cards and Snap Offs

Include multiple key tags to give your clients the option to share their membership with their family.

Garden Rewards Card and Key Tags Combo

2. Tiered Membership Program

All memberships are not created equal. Reward different types of clients with a tiered membership program.

Tiered Membership Cards

3. Preferred Member Card

A great way to reward your top clients is offering premium 24-hour service.

Preferred Member Card

4. Round Key Tags

Many gyms and fitness centers opt for key tags for their membership cards. This way, their members can scan their key tag quickly when they come in to check in.

Round Key Tags for Yoga Studio

5. Discount Cards

A great way to up sell to your members is to offer discounts on products that they may not think to purchase.

Ford Members Only Club Discount Card

6. Member Benefits Cards

Show people the benefits of becoming a member by listing them on your club cards.

Window Clings and Membership Cards

7. Rewards Cards

For those that prefer to have clients earn their rewards, setting up your membership rewards program in your Point of Sale (POS) company is a great way to have points tracked. This will require that the cards have something to track each card such as a magnetic stripe, barcode, unique number or even a QR code. Check with your POS provider for more details.


8. Branded Cards

Include your logo and branding colors on your rewards cards to enhance your marketing materials.


9. Card and Key Tag

Give your client the option to carry a card or a key tag they can put directly on their key ring.


10. Punch Card

Not all bookkeeping software options allow for Membership or Loyalty card tracking. A great way to still provide that service to your clients is with punch cards. With each visit or a certain dollar amount, you can use a paper punch to track their points.

Rewards Punch Card


Our team of consultants is excited to help you jumpstart your membership program. Whether you are trying to decide what POS system will work best with your business or you are have your artwork ready to go, we have you covered.

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