Top 10 Gold Foil Business Cards

Business cards serve many purposes for successful businesses.  They not only help you transfer your contact information and keep your business at the top of your client's mind, but they also help set your tone and professionalism.  When you are working to establish yourself, one of the best ways is to make the most out of all of your marketing materials.  Many of our clients opt for premium features to show their potential clients that they are an established business and worthy to work with.

We offer a variety of premium plastic card features:

  • Clear Plastic Cards

  • Frosted Plastic Business Cards

  • Platinum Cards

  • Embossing

  • Foil Stamped Cards

  • And much more!

One of our most popular premium features is gold foil cards.

Here are 10 of our favorite Gold Foil Business Cards:

1. Black Business Card With Foil

Many of our clients love that we can create a completely-custom hot foil stamp with their logo.  This is a truly unique feature!


2. Accented Design 

Simply choose an element to accent, such as a border or an icon for a fun added touch.


3. Typography

Sometimes a simple typograqphic design is all a card needs.  Highlight your company name and tagline with gold foil.


4. Frosted Business Cards

Another great way to utilize foil accents is by having your information in foil.  


5. Metallic Business Cards

Printing a color screen on top of metallic business cards give you the ability to enhance your cards with your corporate branding colors.


6. Premium Business Cards

Unlike traditional paper business cards, plastic cards are something truly unique that stand out from the crowd.


7. Rose Gold Foil

Is gold not quite the right color for your foil accent?  No problem!  We have a variety of different designs and shades including rose gold.


8. Gold Foil Business Card

Transparent business cards offer a unique edge over standard cards..


9. Clear Business Cards

Add a gold foil logo on top of clear business cards to make your cards shine.


10. Foil Business Cards

Highlight your logo with a clean business card design and a centered foil stamped logo.


Business cards aren't the only plastic cards that look great with foil:

  • VIP Cards - Show your VIP guests how much you appreciate them with a premium card.
  • Gift Cards - Offer a variety of gift card designs that let your clients choose the best one for the occasion.
  • Membership Rewards Cards - Encourage your clients to come back by offering a membership rewards program.

Ready to get started creating your own unique gold foil business cards? Schedule a consultation with one of our business card experts today.

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