The Most Unique Christmas and Holiday Cards Ever

Ornament Pop Out Holiday Card

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Plastic Printers now for almost 4 years and during this time there have been a number of remarkable projects printed and sent into our customer’s hands. If asked to pick a favorite or two, I am not sure I could as each has their own unique qualities to them. This year’s holiday season has continued to inspire us to step outside of our comfort zones and push our creative imaginations to the limit. Not only did we launch our new branding and website recently; but our passion for new innovative and exquisite offers has brought out our brand new line of Holiday Pop-out cards. This new line has certainly not disappointed!

To showcase our new “bundle of joys”, we offered our employees the opportunity to send to their clients, family & friends the keepsake of plastic. Our inventory of custom shapes and sizes allows for a wide variety of choices to select from, but we also wanted to offer that extra bit of bliss. After several new designs were created and reviewed, we finally selected 2 new amazing Pop-Out options: the Fancy and the Traditional Circular Ornament.

What’s even better about these new styles, as with the rest of our custom shape inventory is that they are completely versatile to using year round. If you have an important milestone event coming up we can help create a forever keepsake for you as well!

Each of my co-workers provided their favorite family photos, shapes and style. The design team and I were off! Each card was created to fit each individual employee’s style. A few were not quite sure of the direction they wanted to go so our designers jumped at the chance to WOW their fellow coworkers. The gasps and squeals of delight that came when I dropped by each of their cubes with the finished cards could be heard from the front of the building to the back- exactly the response I was hoping for.


Here are just a few stories from our employees:

Gold Glitter Black and White Christmas Card

Lindsay & Allie 

Lindsay & Allie both admitted that they had never done holiday cards before, each jumped at the chance to work with our design team. With a very busy schedule, each lady was estatic that we made the proofing process just as easy for them as we do each of our customers. Lindsay was blown away mentioning, “Our families first Christmas card is ONE OF A KIND and something that is now a forever keepsake for our families to cherish, I can’t wait to hand them out!” Allie had an idea of the vision she wanted but told our designers to do their magic, “My cards fit our personality to a T, our designers are the BEST.”


Wedding program and clear plastic wedding greeting card


Many of you may remember our Account Manager Ashley; she recently married this fall & after hearing all the wonderful comments from her friends and family on her Wedding’s RSVPs, Invitations and additional plastic keepsakes she created for her Big Day she decided continuing the tradition of plastic was the way to go this holiday season. As she says, “I am beyond impressed and happy with our final product and will continue to recommend Plastic as the way to go each and every time!”


round birth announcement and fancy shaped pop-out card


Kathryn recently returned to work after the arrival of her third daughter. She announced her newest little addition to the world by creating custom baby announcements with us & when she heard we were offering holiday cards she didn’t think twice about creating a card to showcase her entire family to her family & friends. “The pop out ornament is brilliant and a keepsake on my families trees for years to come. I will be using plastic cards and invitations moving forward for all my families’ future milestone events.”


round photo keepsake


Katie, our Business Devlopment & Marketing Director, who helped envision this new line was so torn over which pop out ornaments and family photos to use she choose to do both! Each has their own style, one showcasing her & her daughters LOVE for sparkle and the other a more traditional background setting which suits her husband’s style.


dog themed seasonal card


Jenni, one of our Senior Account Managers expressed her desire to create a card, but with a twist. Jenni & her pups, Jasper Blaze and Onyx Spitfire opened up their home this year to fostering pups until they could find their “Furever” homes. She has fostered 8 pups to date and each have found their Furever families. She is blessed with the experience and plans to continue this new tradition for years to come!



It has been such an amazing experience to work with each of my co-workers on this year’s project. To see that I can provide each of my them with the best experience possible, as we hope to do for each and every one of you brings happiness to my heart.

I am looking forward to telling you more of my plastic adventures here at Plastic Printers so until then many blessings to all and a Happy New Year!