What Information Should I Put On My Retail Gift Cards?

If you're already using gift cards, you know as well as I do, they are one of the best moves you can make! A gift card is a great and incredibly popular gift, and it's even better for the retailer. Unfortunately though, they can't design themselves. What's that fine print on the back of gift cards you buy at other stores? What should you put on your cards? What makes a great gift card that people want to buy? 

Have no fear, we have you covered! Below is a simple, three-step guide to getting everything you'll ever need on your retail gift cards. 

What Should I Put on my Store's Custom Gift Cards?

1. Start Simple

This is the one part of the design process that everyone overthinks. It's ok to keep it simple! On the front of your gift card, you can put your logo, the words "gift card," and maybe a slogan if you have one. It doesn't have to be complicated, and the more transparent your card is, the more noticeable it will be to your customers.  

Retail gift cards with magnetic stripes

On the back of the gift card, we recommend putting your address, email, website, or other contact information. You want people to be able to find you.  Many people receiving custom gift cards for your business may never have been there before, so you want them to be able to easily reach out to you.

Some people find the address too long; as long as you have a website and phone number on the card, people will find you. We'll also put the magnetic strip or barcode if your card needs it, and make sure it has the necessary "Terms and Conditions." But we will get to more on that later. 

2. Make Them Look Nice!  

You don't want boring retail gift cards; you need an eye-catching design. Luckily for you, at Plastic Printers, we specialize in gift card design. Think about using unique colors, shapes, and accents to make your gift cards one's recipients will talk about and show to other people! 

Custom gift cards with clear accents

That's right; we said shapes! Your card doesn't need to be the standard rectangular design; anything that you want to accentuate your brand, we can do. Transparent design? You got it. Circular card? We can handle that. Your card doesn't have to be like other cards. Use the card to show off exactly why your brand stands out. 

3. Protect Yourself

The major problem people have with gift cards is understanding what they're buying in the first place. Because of this, it is important to make sure that you cover yourself in case of a misunderstanding.  That's why we recommend adding "Terms and Conditions" to the back of your cards. 

Sample Terms & Conditions

There are some specifications that need to be conveyed to consumers. Conditions and terms are printed on the back of the card, like you see on the card above. These terms layout simple rules for using the cards, and what exactly it is people are agreeing to by buying the cards. They can also outline guidelines for what you can and can't buy with gift cards. Simple stuff, like:

  • Not Redeemable for Cash
  • Not Refundable
  • Lost Cards Will Not Be Replaced
  • Cannot Purchase Certain Items with Gift Cards

Gift cards will also specify where you can use a particular gift card. For example, if you purchase a gift card from Barnes & Noble from a Walmart, you can only use that card at Barnes & Noble.

See a list of sample terms here: Sample Gift Card Terms

Where do I get help with ordering custom gift cards? 

I'm glad you asked! Look no further, we at Plastic Printers are here for your every gift card-related need. Our dedicated team of professionals are ready to help with any questions, or start designing right away to your exact specifications. Click below to get started!

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