20 Examples of Plastic Business Cards that Impress

20 Examples of Business Cards that Impress

Does your business card make the impact? Do people take a second glance when you hand them your card or do they immediately shove it in their pocket? If they don't take a moment to look at the card it may be time to consider a new business card design.

We've put together a set of 20 examples of impressive plastic business card designs for your convenience...

Check out these plastic business card designs! They are sure to inspire and help you take your design to the next level.

Clear Plastic Jeweler Business Card The D.J.Bitzan

Jewelers card uses our clear plastic cards beautifully. We love it because it is one of the most unique jeweler business cards that we have seen; and their customers love it because the design is unforgettable! By including a clear portion to their card, it allows their clients to “try on” their business cards.

Optometry Marketing Business Card Example from Blue Oaks Eyecare 

The Blue Oaks Eyecare card looks like a standard professional card until you notice that you can see through the glasses. The clear portion of the card shows off their product and turns their plastic business cards into an interactive experience that can be held up and looked through.

Industry Business Cards Example from LabPharm Ancillary Management

Absolutely unforgettable, LabPharm Ancillary Medical Management brings us a unique clear business card that leaves people wishing they had seen it before they designed their business cards by including industry-specific artwork.

 Metal Business Cards Example from Pacific Construction Milton INC.

Incredibly simple yet powerful, Pacific Construction Milton, Inc creates a metal business card style by utilizing our clear plastic cards. We think Jay's card is a great example of how impactful a clean card design can be.

iPhone Business Card Example from Re-Screenit

Re-Screenit uses their cards to help show the capacity of their company by printing a cracked iPhone screen on one side and a brand new screen on the other.

FroKnowsPhoto Clear Business Card Example

Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo brings us a great photography business card design that almost makes you think you are looking through a camera’s viewfinder. People will immediately start holding your card up and framing their next shot.

Business Card Satin-Frosted Foil Chip Card Sekisui Kydex LLC

KYDEX LLC is a favorite around the office when it comes to frosted business card samples due to their ability to really bring out the strengths of the transparent card as well as the silver foil chip.

Gold Foil Business Card Example from Najwa Zebian

A recent popular trend has been multi-colored foil business cards. Najwa Zebian brings us a great liquid metal style business card design. Not only is it a business card, but a useful tool in inspiring readers and sparking imagination.

Graphic Designer Business Cards Example from Timothy Lim

Playing on their great illustration abilities, Timothy Lim of Ninjaink wow'd us with fantastic clear business cards. Using blocker, a popular element among clear plastic cards that allows for printing on both sides, along with a playful design, this card is guaranteed to stand out in their field.

Event Planner Marketing Business Card Example

Many clients opt to work with our team to create a truly unforgettable business card design. AVL123.com submitted a beautiful high resolution photograph of their venue and let our team build something one of a kind.

Distillery Marketing Materials from Glas Distillery

Glass Distillery’s design adds a ton of class and upscale feeling to clear business card design. It is truly a remarkable business card with many aspects of great design. What better way to highlight a high-end product with well-designed bottling than a clear custom card.

 Pool and Spa Marketing Clear Business Card Example

It is a well-documented fact that our plastic business cards are waterproof (see for yourself!). The Nicklaus Group takes it to the next level by making it actually look like a pool! The great high-definition water that adorn the design are really striking, and the card actually looks wet from a distance.

Automotive Marketing Clear Business Card Example

Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services' card utilizes the popular clear card stock along with a great design to show off the automobile industry on their business card. I particularly love the QR code on the back as it adds the opportunity to include more information on this great card.

Photography Marketing Die Cut Business Card

Very popular with photographers, these custom shaped camera business cards with your information are unforgettable on plastic. Alexander's card does a great job of showcasing her image by keeping the information simple.

Die Cut Business Card Example of Automotive Marketing

When trying to stand out, automotive businesses have their work cut out for them! It is a profession that consistently uses multiple marketing platforms—from TV to radio and even direct mail! Kiss’s Classic Cars cards take the high road by creating an undoubtedly high-end first impression that reflects their expertise.

Photo Booth Props for Bridal Marketing

At every bridal and wedding expo there will undoubtedly be dozens of photo booth companies vying for your business. What can you do to set yourself apart? Try custom shaped mustached photo booth props that double as a business cards!

Unique Business Cards Example of Die Cut

I am generally a fan of the less-is-more philosophy of design, and this Neon business card example speaks directly to my heart. Focusing on the brand colors, the unique custom shape is a great feature that won’t fall into a large stack of traditional business cards.

Transparent Business Cards Example from Egami

By far, our most popular request is the Egami clear plastic business card. Featuring a striking photograph on one side that fades out to clear is something that your clients won’t soon forget. This design is perfect for spas and salons, and the photograph and edging can be changed to highlight almost every industry.

Transparent Business Cards Example for Vodka Distillery

I can't help but love both the design of this Vodka Distiller’s business card, but also the utilization of the two-sided graph design. A lot of work goes into the design of a bottle, and what better way to highlight its unique design than to showcase it on a clear plastic card. This is a great example of how some creativity can take a relatively boring market and make a great impact!

Real Estate Marketing Clear Business Card Example

Real Estate Agents frequently use their professional business portrait on their business card. A great way to spice it up is to use our frosted business cards that give your business card a transparent look. It is sure to make much more of an impression, and will last a lot longer than the standard cards that will bend, fold and tear in transport.

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