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Business Cards with Pop Out QR Code

Does anybody else remember when mobile technology used to be a laptop? The mobile landscape has changed in the blink of an eye. Now, almost everyone has a portable piece of techno-gadgetry. It could be a smartphone, tablet, iPod, or iPad. The point is if they’ve got a device, there’s one tool a business owner should never be without: a Quick Response (QR) Code transparent business card.

Why should you invest in QR Code business cards? This post will answer that question in detail.

If You Can’t Beat Them; Join Them

Currently, we don’t have to look too far over our shoulder to remember a time before the invention and subsequent invasion of QR Code. Although like the pre-internet era and the cordless phone before it; that window of time-however brief-is destined to become part of technological yesteryear. The pixelated black and white squares have assimilated seamlessly into all manner of media from digital to print.

That being said; if you are a mobile marketing novice, Plastic Printers can help you put your best foot forward. There are a few key things to understand about QR Codes.

QR Boot Camp 5 Basic Rules

The point of QR Codes is to offer specials or incentives to smartphone users. These exclusives are scanned into their phone or compatible device. From there they are redirected to your brand or website to claim their reward. The concept is simple enough, but there are 5 basic rules to follow so your QR Campaign is successful.

  1. It has to be scanner-friendly. Why is a plastic business card the perfect backdrop for QR Code? It’s flat, smooth, and stationary so it’s easily captured on mobile devices.
  2. It has to be recognizable. These contrast-filled squares have become synonymous with deals and steals. Don’t change the design or you’ll lose potential customers.
  3. Integrate it. Yet another reason why business cards are the perfect fit. QR Codes work best if their added to promotional material you naturally use. What’s more natural than a business card?
  4. Test it. Before you launch the QR component on your website, test it. Make sure it works across multiple mobile devices. That way; you get the biggest return for your efforts.
  5. Keep it clear. A clear, transparent or plastic card from Plastic Printers helps the code show up well. This keeps it readable against any graphic.

If you need help or advice about launching a QR Campaign our staff is here to help. Contact us for more information.

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