7 Reasons to Add Social Media to Your Business Card

In the 21st century, social media has become a primary hub for people around the world. The way we do business has changed drastically throughout this digital era. Phone calls and face-to-face connections have become a thing of the past, so utilizing social media is more crucial than ever before.

As a business professional, you encounter and hand-out your business card to new people everyday. Having your social media handles on your card is very beneficial to your company and your brand.

Reasons to Add Social Media to Your Business Card

1. Participate in Current Method of Communication

Currently, there are about 2.51 billion people on social media and it is continually increasing. Social media has become a primary form of communication. The upcoming generation prefers the simplicity of using the Internet and social media to get things done. In order to access this generation, you need to provide these individuals with resources that are suitable to their preferences.

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2. Increase Your Network

Building your business goes hand-in-hand with establishing your network. Social media platforms permit you to reach countless people, this will increase the growth in new leads and customers. Putting your social media on your business card encourages customers to engage with you and your business creating a lasting relationship.

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3. Engages with Network

Using social media platforms gives you the ability to interact with your network. Connecting with your network is essential because it:

  • Builds relationships
  • Increases brand recognition
  • Gives more opportunities for conversion
  • Boosts inbound traffic

Social media has created a new and improved way to engage with your network. Adding your social media handles to your card improves your likelihood of experiencing these benefits.

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4. Creates a Story

Once you form your a social media platform, it is imperative to use it to display your company’s story. Presenting your company’s story in a unique manner will make your company stand out and it will become a part of your company’s image. It is very hard to obtain the this result without using social media in sharing this story, you notice on almost all platforms there is an "About" section too.

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5. Builds Trust and Credibility

Social media has become a great place for soft referrals from your network. Anyone can go on your different social media platforms and sort through the reviews and customer reactions.

A simple “like” on your business facebook page can increase the likelihood of bringing in new customers to your business. When someone “likes” your page all of their friends will be able to see that they “liked” it on their feed. People will be more likely to trust a company if someone in their network interacts with them.

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6. Displays Your Brand in a Prominent Setting

Social media is the place to be. Everyone is using these platforms for enjoyment and to find information. Making your brand stand out in these saturated markets is imperative. In order to stand out, consider:

  • Using consistent colors
  • Having a highly functioning site
  • Curating user-generated content
  • Reducing the amount of content directed towards selling

Putting your social media handles on your business card will guide your network to an informational display of your company.

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7. Receives Reviews

Reading online reviews is just something we do these days, whether people are looking to get their roof redone or are in search of a new hair salon. By placing your social media handles on your business card, you are giving your customers an outlet to express their appreciation of the products and services you provided them. One review can go a long way, it generates free advertising and peer recommendations.

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