20 Uses for Key Tags That Aren’t Rewards Cards

What is the best way to market your business without investing in full-size cards?  Our key tags offer a unique advantage for businesses looking for something a bit smaller with just as much impact. Key tags are often thought of as just rewards cards, but they can have many more uses than you may have even thought of.

Check out our 20 unique ideas for key tags that aren't rewards cards.


Beaded Necklace Charms

Adding a custom plastic charm to a beaded necklace is a great way to promote your company at events and conventions. But make sure to brand them so your visitors remember where they got it from. If the items you hand out don't have your name, you are missing out!

Service Tag


The automotive industry utilizes a lot of marketing materials on a daily basis - from flyers to direct mailings, business cards and more. However, you may be missing out on an opportunity to market to your current clients by using flimsy tags at your service station. When you upgrade to plastic service tags, you can not only identify the car keys easier, but they can also be left on the key ring for continious marketing once the vehicle is picked up.

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate agents have a big task - to stand out from the competition. And depending on location, a realtor can expect to spend 15% - 20% of their income on marketing, if not more. One way to make sure that money is spent wisely is to make your marketing unique, like these custom shaped key tags.

Backpack Tags

Kids have a tendency to misplace items; and with the investment in school supplies continuing to grow, you want to make sure items can easily find their way back to the owner. These custom backpack tags are great to hand out to students because they contain school information and can easily be attached to the student's backpack. 

Library Card

Traditional library cards are being phased out as more convenient tags are taking their place. Instead of having to write your name and membership number on a paper card, your information can be contained within a custom QR code that attaches right to your key ring.

Product Tags

Gift shops deal almost exclusively with outside vendors, so how do you make sure that gifts purchased at your shop can be traced back to your business? Custom product tags are easy to attach with your name and information.

Emergency Tags

Have you ever had an emergency at a rental property like a water pipe burst or a refridgerator stop cooling? You want to make sure you contact someone as soon as posssible, but where did that little piece of paper go? With emergency tags it is as easy as grabbing your key ring.

Dog Tags

Plastic dog tags make fantastic miniature business cards. They are the perfect size to attach to your keys. Many of our pet salons will even create custom tags for their business and personalize with their client's names on them.

Mission Statement Cards

A mission statement is a very important part of every business or organization. Using a custom printed plastic card, you can include this valuable information in a convenient size for your team members to have close at hand. This would also make a great onboarding gift attached to something oriented to your group.

Pool Passes

Have you ever been to a pool that uses paper or plastic wrist bands instead of pool pass cards? They aren't only uncomfortable, but unreliable. The paper bands rip and tear. The plastic bands either fall off or can cut you if they are too tight. These key tags are great because they can be attached right to locker keys or hung up on peg boards for convenience. The best part is our plastic key tags are water resistant, which means that the pool water won't make your passes bleed or crumple up!

Gift Card

Sporting events are crowd pleasers and promotion days are even better! A big drawback to handing out items at the gate is the amount of people that need to stand at each gate - combined with people that will try and sneak more than one item when people aren't looking. Hand out these gift cards attached to a lanyard and people can then take these in to be redeemed. This way the promotional item can be further supervised with less people.

Oil Change Card

Bringing your vehicle in for regular oil changes is very important. Custom oil change cards are a great reminder to bring the vehicle in for its next inspection. You can even utilize a writable surface to list the next mileage and date that the vehicle should be back in.

Discount Cards

Purchasing a vehicle is a big investment, but automotive dealerships don't want clients to be a one-time purchase. Encourage your clients to be lifetime customers by treating them to a variety of discounts with their purchase. If your name is still on their mind when it comes time to trade-in their vehicle, chances are they will choose you for their next vehicle purchase as well.

Membership Cards

Unlike rewards cards, membership cards don't require clients to earn points to achieve rewards. However, a great way to track what promotions or products that your members like the best is to track their visits and purchases through your Point-of-Sale or POS system. Depending on your system, it may require a barcode, magnetic stripe, QR Code or even just a unique membership number.

VIP Card

VIP cards and key tags are a great way to thank your best clients for their patronage. Sunset Tire & Auto Service honors their clients with very helpful services like free shuttles with a service, free towing and even a free check engine light diagnostic. The more that your clients come back to you, the more your name is on the top of their mind when someone asks them about who services their vehicle or when it's time for their next service.

Safety Tags

Whether you are looking for lock out tag out cards or other safety tags, plastic key tags are a great choice. They are durable and extremely convenient. When climbing, you don't want to have a giant Belay/Climb tag hanging off you.

Measurement Cards

Using key tags as measurement cards is valuable to make sure your whole team is on the same page. They also make great conversion charts like this example from GUTPRO. There will never be another question how much a tag, dash, pinch or smidgen is again.

Prayer Cards

A church recently held a prayer initiative for your members that were attending a mission trip. The name of each youth was written on a key tag that was then selected by a congregation member to pray for during their trip. By having these names on tags, it is a great reminder each time you see it to say another little prayer. See the full story here.

Punch Cards

Punch cards are a quick and easy way to track the visits of your customers. With this promotional tag, you can even write a special phone number or member number on the back side.

Wine Charms

Wine charms make excellent promotional marketing for winerys and vineyards. You can customize each one personally or create a business branded theme. Don't forget to make each one unique if you are giving them as sets so that everyone can identify their glass.

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