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Tan-Link has partnered with Plastic Printers to help your tanning salon implement a Gift Card program that is unique to your business, brings in new customers, helps your business grow, and accents your branding. 

Create custom gift cards that enhance your experience and wow your customers - fast, professional design is included with your order. Simply fill out the form to get started.

Custom gift cards for Tan-Link
PPE and safety tools - face shields, table tents, masks, floor decals, signage

PPE & Safety Supplies

Plastic Printer's offers a variety of PPE and Safety Supplies to help foster a safe environment for your employees and customers, such as:

      • PPE Face Shields
      • Washable Face Masks with Filter
      • Ear Guards for Face Masks
      • Face Mask Straps
      • Social Distancing Signage & Floor Decals
      • Touchless Payment Solutions
      • Sneeze Guards

They will even help get you things they don't make to the best of their abilities. Let them know what you need! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic Printers is your source for solutions to even the most complex challenges. If you don't see the answer to your question below, their experts are standing by.

Will the cards be compatible with my Point of Sale System?

Point of Sale compatibility is paramount to the success of a Gift Card program. We are proud to have built a long-standing partnership with Plastic Printers. Through our relationship, they're able to ensure superior performance and seamless compatibility with your system. They'll even help answer any setup or use questions and can assist in promoting your gift cards.

Are custom designs available?

Plastic Printers believes Gift Cards are a big part of any marketing and growth efforts. They'll professionally design your cards to your branding and specifications. When you work with Plastic Printers, custom, professional designs are included.

How fast will the cards be delivered?

Plastic Printers is the fastest in the business! With their formidable industry and marketplace experience, they have the knowledge and training to complete even the most complex projects quickly and efficiently. They get most orders out in a few days, but you can always choose to upgrade or expedite your order to receive it even sooner. Standard shipping times average between 3-5 days.

How much do the cards cost?

At Plastic Printers, they don't just produce the highest quality cards, but they also strive to offer the most competitive pricing around. Several factors contribute to the price of the cards, including features and speed requirements. There are also a variety of discounts available based on quantity price breaks and more. Typical card prices range from $0.25-$1.50 USD/card and include custom professional design.

Do I get to see proofs of my cards before I make a purchase?

All designs and orders are sent to you for your approval or adjustments you’d like made prior to production.

Do the cards work with multiple locations?

Yes, the cards can be encoded to work independently at each location, at certain designated locations, or all at locations.

What if I have cards from a previous POS System?

Plastic Printers will work with you on a case by case basis to determine the best solution for your particular needs. Whether the goal is to recoup funds spent on cards for the previous system, replacing cards, importing balances, transferring cards to the new system or any of the many other scenarios, they have the capability and expertise to make sure you have a seamless transition.

Does Plastic Printers ship internationally?

Plastic Printers has Partners and Customers all over the globe! They ship products internationally every day and have the experience to ensure successful delivery every time.

Some gift cards have what looks like legal wording on the back. Do I need that? What should it say?

Typically Gift Cards will have some basic Terms and Conditions on the back. They include things like where the Gift Cards can be redeemed and how they can be used. Often the requirements can vary by location. Plastic Printers can guide you through making sure you get the right information on your Gift Cards. Here's a link to some sample Terms and Conditions to get you started:

Plastic Printers is so easy to work with, can I use them for other printing and marketing needs?

Of course! They'll provide you with the same service, quality, and speed on all kinds of solutions. To name just a few, they make menus, ID Badges, signage, key tags, brochures, and so much more. Just let your agent know what your needs are and they will take care of the rest.

How do I find out the status of an order?

When working with Plastic Printers, you'll have a dedicated agent that will help ensure the success of your order. You'll get ship and progress updates for your order, and your agent is always there to answer any additional questions.

What if I have issues?

Plastic Printers stands behind everything they do; they make sure all issues are solved to your satisfaction. In addition to the dedicated agent working with you to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations, they have a team of quality assurance and customer success managers to resolve and prevent any hiccups.

Can I provide my own designs?

Absolutely! Plastic Printers has templates available so that you can easily create and send them your own card designs. They do offer complimentary design services should you want them to produce the designs for you.

What if I have ordered cards before or have already issued cards and need to order more?

Plastic Printers makes the process of reordering fast and easy, even if you already have cards but haven't ordered from them before. They have proprietary systems that ensure card compatibility, prevent number duplication, and increase security.

How many cards should I order?

Gift Cards are proven ways to get new customers in the door and keep them coming back. Show off your custom designed cards; more card sales equal more business. Simply, patrons who proudly display their gift cards sell more. Consider ordering multiple designs to ensure the cards appeal to a broader audience. Take advantage of quantity discounts and price breaks. A typical order ranges from 200-1000 cards per location.