Meet Robyn!

A cornerstone of our business here at Plastic Printers, is customer service, but it's been a personal policy for me since years before I started working here. 

It really comes down to 3 major cornerstones: 

  • Integrity
  • Patience
  • Clear Communication


integrity.jpgIntegrity is not just a neccesity of customer service, but a cornerstone of living your life, and being a good person.  People really have nothing, except their word.  It's important that in a business setting, if you promise your client something, you deliver.  If I promise you that you can expect delivery Thursday, your delivery will arrive Thursday.  

My old boss always used to say, "a person is only as good as their word."  It's never more true than in business.  I guarantee that if I'm going to promise you something, it'll get done.  Conversely, if I can't promise something, I'm not going to guarantee you something, just to make you happy.  I'll always let you know what to expect, and what's coming.  


Patience is another huge part of what I do every day.  It's easy to forget that people don't move at the speed I want them to.  They move at the speed convenient for them!  I spend a lot of time waiting for information.  Often clients will tell me they'll get me things "right away," and I'm calling them back 3 days later to find out why I still don't have what I need. 

But to remain patient, and calm, is essential. I strive to remain calm with clients no matter the situation.  Whether it's my fault or not, blame is rarely the issue, it's finding out what needs to be done and taking care of it.  And none of that is accomplished by losing your temper.  Things don't always go smoothly, but it's not about how good or bad the situation is.  It's always about how you handle it.



The final piece of the puzzle, is clear communication. Clear communication starts by making sure my clients understand what's said, and leaving nothing unsaid.  I don't ever want to have an argument with a client over something they thought was implied.  It's my job to be crystal clear, so that mistakes don't happen.

Clear communication also means setting realistic expectations.  Much like I talked about with integrity, it's my job to make sure you understand the process, and it's my job to make sure to communicate to you the proper expectations.  What will I be responsible for?  What will you be responsible for?  I don't ever want you to have to guess. 

In closing, the way I see my job, is to offer you the best experience possible.  It's our promise here at Plastic Printers, but it's been my promise since long before I ever stepped foot here.  It's what made me such an excellent fit.  

If you want to experience a customer experience solution like no other, give me a call, and let's see what we can do for you! 

If you ever want to see these principles in action, let me know!  You can always email me at