Plastic Printers Halloween Extravaganza!

Boo! Did I scare you? Okay, maybe not.. but maybe this will give you a fright; Halloween came and went, and we are now in the beginning of November. Where did 2013 go? That didn't stop us from having a blast at our company Halloween party last Friday! With prizes for most creative, best Plastic Printers flair, scariest, and best costume, the employees here were clamouring with excitement. Here's some photos of the day!

Nikki the tropical fishGraphic Designer Nikki as a tropical fish. How cute!

Tom as PrinceTom our Graphics Supervisor as Prince.

Hello? Anybody there?Of course we always work in style. Just another day for Sales Rep Derek.

Paul BunyanPersonalization Department's Paul Bunyan, ladies and gentlemen. And oxen.

And finally, the winners!

Scariest costumeWinner of "Scariest Costume" was Account Manager Sam's rendition of Jigsaw from the Saw series!

Plastic Printers flairWinner of "Best Plastic Printers Flair" was Sales Rep John the Plastic Printers Hippie. Totally plastic, man!

Most CreativeIn our "Most Creative Costume" category is Account Manager Sarah as a real working Instagram!

runner up Mourning Widow
Our two "Best Costume" runner ups, Jen the Cereal Killer, and Jenni the Widow in Mourning.

Winner of Best costumeAnd our winner of "Best Costume", Prepress guru Caitlin as a Fork in the Road!

Santa and Jack SparrowSanta Claus and Captain Jack Sparrow together at last!

Jack Sparrow better watch outJack, you better watch out for these two ladies...

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone who participated! We had a wonderful Halloween and hope you did too! Happy Holidays!!